Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture

Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture


Of all the technical degrees, Architecture is undoubtedly the one that provides a more global view of knowledge.

Starting from scientific foundations, as in the case of engineering, from the first courses and submerging later in artistic and cultural fields, both historical and avant-garde, this degree is a compendium of knowledge of art and science applied to construction.

The education provided allows the architect taught in our School to become a professional qualified to develop his/her activity both in Spain and in an international context.

The objectives of the degree are basically to turn the future Architect into the key element of the building process, providing him/her with the necessary tools to plan, design, calculate, manage and direct the different phases that allow a conceived idea to become a project and become a built reality.

At Nebrija University, this can be significantly enhanced by combining it with other qualifications:

  • Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture + Degree in Interior Design Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture + Degree in Industrial Design Engineering. Unique in Spain.
  • Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture + Degree in Fine Arts

(*) Curriculum programmed to be able to study both degrees simultaneously. Restricted exclusively to Nebrija University students beginning in first year.

Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture

Teaching objectives

The construction market in general and the need to give social response to the action of building in particular, have established the following educational objectives:

  • Provide students with solid knowledge in basic subjects such as mathematics, physics and structural subjects of the degree: graphic expression, analysis of form and color, structures, facilities, construction, project workshop, urban planning and sustainable design.
  • Familiarize the student with techniques of writing up building projects, calculation of structures and construction of buildings, both theoretical and practical.
  • Delve into the more advanced computer tools of design and calculation, that make it possible to undertake effectively the architect's different works.

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