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Degree in Mechanical Engineering


TheDegree in Mechanical Engineering is offered to:

1. High school and university students (fulfilling the access requirements to Spanish University).

The Degrees of Industrial Technical Engineering in its successive denominations and specialties have historically had a wide demand from students and an ample recognition from employers, always remaining among the most-demanded graduates in job offers.

The Degree in Mechanical Engineering can be studied as a double degree with Automobile Engineering or in double degree with Engineering in Industrial Technologies.

El Degree in Mechanical Engineering is the degree that is most directly involved in the mechanical and organizational aspects of industrial processes and reflects the keys to future business development, which are based on design, production, logistics and organization. In the management of these functions, the future Graduate in Mechanical Engineering will aim to increase productivity, improve product quality, customer service and profitability of industrial operations; Lead the creation and design of new products and technological processes and organize, execute and guarantee the final quality of production processes.

Mechanical Engineering

In order to develop these key elements, the student is prepared in all matters related to the theory and technologies of mechanical and electrical systems, organization of processes and companies, product development, transportation and energy use, manufacture of new materials, not to mention one of the issues of greatest concern at present, the impact of industrial activities on the environment.

This course is designed for those students who wish to work in the forefront of technological innovation, leading the technological challenges that will be subject to industry and the economy in the immediate future.

The graduate in mechanical engineering can continue his/her specialization by attending possible Master's degrees specialized in the area of Mechanical Engineering or by accessing the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering.

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