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Máster en Energy and Climate Change Máster en Energy and Climate Change

Master's Degree in Energy and Climate ChangeCaracterísticas


Perfil del Alumno

Graduates from a Science, Technology or Engineering degree will find in this Master’s program a unique opportunity for widening their knowledge on real climate change-related problems affecting human settlements and ecosystems, the evolution of Earth’s climate system and the consequences of its changes, as well as engineering and science of the different sources of energy.

Perfil del Egresado

Graduates of this Master may develop their professional career in multiple sectors of energy industry, where innovation and climate change must grow in parallel in the management of technological projects.

Cuadro Resumen

Titulación Oficial: Máster en Energy and Climate Change

Centro responsable: Escuela Politécnica Superior y Escuela de Arquitectura

Campus: Campus Dehesa de la Villa

Rama de conocimiento: Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Duración: 1 año

Total Créditos: 60 ECTS.

Curso académico en que se implantó: 2017-2018

Idiomas: English

Tipo de Eneñanza: Full time

Normativa Académica: Normas de permanencia. Transferencia y reconocimiento de créditos. Reglamento de participación de los alumnos. Reglamento general del alumnado.

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