Asignaturas Interdisciplinares

How to Create and Boost a Start-up

How to Create and Boost a Start-up How to Create and Boost a Start-up
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Asignaturas InterdisciplinaresHow to Create and Boost a Start-up

Creating a start-up seems easier that it is; making it successful has a chance below better let us use the best processes and models!!!

It is not easy to be successful at the start-up foundation. This course will explain in detail and eminently the practice of a method to detect many of the common errors in time allowing to correct and improve quickly.

We will explain the difference between prototype, minimum viable product and start-up.
Not all prototypes and ideas reach to be a MVP and not all MVPs become start-ups.

Objetivos de Aprendizaje

  • 1. Understand the difference between an idea and a start-up
  • 2. Understand the scientific methods applied for start-ups, from the idea to the launching and IPO (or selling) phases
  • 3. Understand the team issues in start-ups

Contenidos de la Asignatura

How to Create and Boost a Start-up

  • 1. The idea and the strategy analysis model
  • 2. Lean Startup
  • 3. Validation (scientific methods applied to business creation)
  • 4. Digital Marketing 2.0
  • 5. Project development: building the business model
  • 6. Design thinking methodology
  • 7. Developing your MVP (Minimum Value Product)
  • 8. Customer Acquisition and circulation; the art of “servuction”
  • 9. Funding: how to get the money for the first investment
  • 10. Start-up accounting
  • 11. Creating the Company (incorporation)
  • 12. Patent boxes, other fiscal incorporation models
  • 13. How to make a real elevator pitch
  • 14. The “Magnificent 7” of pitches and decks
  • 15. Final Demo Day!


Angel Andreu Profesor Dr.

Ángel Andreu

Prof. Andreu holds a PhD in industrial engineering, MBA / MIB in EOI and INSEAD, and a research stage grade in Télécom Paris VIII. He has worked for more that 30 years in top management positions: in State, Institutions and State-owned companies as deputy general manager / secretary of State at Instituto Nacional de Industria SEPI; Board director in steel, aluminium and regional development companies; Spain representative at DGXXIII Market and Competence, European Commission; in Public / Private companies as COO, MD and CEO at Price Waterhouse SCG, Lucas Automotive, Yves Rocher, Office Depot, Adveo; and as Corp VP at Lucas Varity plc, Office Depot International. Has worked in Spain and Portugal, UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, France, Centre and South America, north of Africa and Arab countries
He is currently Board member in different tech and industrial companies (grupo Inhisa), entrepreneur and advisor (grupo A2A) for multi-national companies in strategy, businesses and markets development, advanced technology projects implementation in manufacturing, and industrial R&D
He has wide experience of more than 20 years as programs director, lecturer, visiting professor and associate professor in several Universities and post-graduate Schools in science, engineering and business, and as well PhD Tribunal President, and FMT director and supervisor.