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Asignaturas Interdisciplinares

How to Create and Boost a Start-up

How to Create and Boost a Start-up How to Create and Boost a Start-up
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Asignaturas InterdisciplinaresHow to Create and Boost a Start-up

Creating a START-UP is not easy. The application of the scientific method helps to minimize risks

It is not easy to be successful at the START-UP foundation. This course will explain in detail and eminently the practice of a method to detect many of the common errors in time allowing to correct and improve quickly.

We will explain the difference between prototype, minimum viable product and START-up.

Not all prototypes and ideas reach to be a MVP and not all MVP become START-UP.

Objetivos de Aprendizaje

  • 1. Understand the difference between an idea that occurs and a START-UP
  • 2. Understand how the Scientific Method is applied at the Birth of a START-UP
  • 3. Learn to work in a team.

Contenidos de la Asignatura

How to Create and Boost a Start-up

  • 1. The idea and strategy.
  • 2. Lean Startup 101.
  • 3. Validation the scientific Methods Apply to business creation.
  • 4. Digital Marketing 2.0
  • 5. Project Development building the business model.
  • 6. Design thinking methodology.
  • 7. Developing your MVP (Minimum Value Product).
  • 8. How to make a real elevator Pitch.
  • 9. Customer Acquisition, the art of servuction.
  • 10. Funding, how to get my first investment.
  • 11. Startup Accounting.
  • 12. Visiting Entrepreneur.
  • 13. Creating the Company (incorporation).
  • 14. The Magnificent 7 of Pitches and Decks.
  • 15. Final Demo Day!


Antonio Sanz Profesor

Antonio Sanz Millán

He studied in his childhood at the Santa Maria del Pilar school, to later cross University studies in the area of economics at the University of Alcalá de Henares with the direction of Professor Dr. Antonio Sainz Millán and Professor DR. DR. DR. Santiago García Echevarría (1988) and at the law school under the direction of his teacher DR. José María de la Cuesta Rute (1989). Academically speaking, his formative specialty is theoretical physics (1985).
During the last 35 years he has founded, participated in, and led different companies from infobox, the previous digital internet platform in the year (1988), to an ecological hatchery leader in marine aquaculture in Europe today. During all these years he has founded companies in the sectors of food, drugstore, perfumery, architecture, real estate development, construction, distribution of Gasol and others.
Since 2013 he dedicates most of his efforts and directs the European Institute for Entrepreneurship.