Nuestra NEBRIJA 29 abril 2019

54 Nebrija Research Rafael Jiménez Pascual. Deputy Director of the Library Service. At the end of 2017, the space devoted to research that the Nebrija University Library Network hosted on its website was somewhat outdated and was insufficient for the informative and consultation needs of our researchers. The remodeling project considered the need to update a space that had, ba- sically, detailed information on the process of carrying out re- search, from the initial moment and its approach up to the final drafting of the resulting work, as well as some data on the progress of research at the University, specific elements on metrics and publication data on platforms such as Web of Science (WOS) and Scopus. It required, therefore, a thorough review to upda- te, develop and complete it, incorporating new elements of interest for the researcher and crea- ting a meeting place for the purpose of being a point of reference for Nebrija University's re- search community. Since the beginning of 2019, after thorough re- vision, expansion of contents and design of the virtual space, the new research space has be- come a reality, housed in the Library Service’s OPAC Catalog ~ Web Portal. This project incor- porates the updates and expansions necessary to become a real support space for the interested party -whether a professor or a student-, in which to find more detailed information, not only on a theoretical, but also practical level, with the aim of carrying out their work as a researcher. The concepts and areas that it contains, and that give it its structure, are dedicated to di- fferent key aspects, such as the profile of the researcher, the process of creating a research project, bibliometric data, open access policies and copyright. The researcher's profile is an area dedicated to the aspects most related to the concept of buil- ding the identity of researchers. It provides ideas on how to draft the standardized curriculum vitae, in its extended and abbreviated variants, and the possibilities and tools to create and standardize a distinctive signature with which to identify all his projects. The space dedicated to the process of creating a research project allows the researcher to begin with the basic principles of a scientific project through what is known as the research circuit, which ranges from the selection of the subject to be worked on to the evaluation of the informa- tion found, logically going through the process of I t sheds light on changing aspects of research such as information metrics The Library joins the drive for research in Nebrija The new research space of the Library Service offers professors and students detailed information on areas such as bibliometric data, open access policies and copyrights, so they can carry out their projects.