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Interdisciplinary Learning Courses

How Artificial Intelligence Will Boost Your Career

How Artificial Intelligence Will Boost Your Career How Artificial Intelligence Will Boost Your Career
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesHow Artificial Intelligence Will Boost Your Career

Artificial intelligence will determine success in all your professional careers

The objective of this subject is to bring artificial intelligence closer to students from different disciplines. Artificial intelligence projects are multidisciplinary, therefore, they not only need profiles such as mathematicians/analysts or programmers, but also require an expert in the field where it is applied

It is important for students to be aware of how artificial intelligence will influence their professional career and that they acquire the necessary knowledge to take advantage of this technological advance.

The course will show practical cases of the use that is being made of Artificial Intelligence in many fields (engineering, medicine, architecture, art, computing, finance, industry, transportation, music, leisure, communication, business...), and what is behind each of these applications will be explained.

The course is presented in an educational way, not requiring any prior knowledge. All the topics will have the option of delving into their mathematical bases, although it will not be necessary to know this, but rather, and above all, how to a non-technical person can use it.

During the course, we will carry out a project or assignment, in teams, on some current aspect of artificial intelligence.

Learning Objectives

  • Demystify the use of artificial intelligence and be able to adapt it to your environment.
  • Know the use of Artificial Intelligence in non-technical places.
  • Understand the design of an artificial intelligence project.
  • Know the roles within an artificial intelligence project.
  • Be able to propose an Artificial Intelligence project in your field.

Contents of the Subject

How Artificial Intelligence Will Boost Your Career

  • 1. History and introduction to artificial intelligence.
  • 2. Machine learning.
  • 3. Types of learning: supervised, unsupervised, reinforced.
  • 4. Terminology: instances and features.
  • 5. Datasets.
  • 6. AI in professions.
  • 7. Natural Language Processing.
  • 8. Chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • 9. Deep Learning.
  • 10. Neural networks and applications.
  • 11. Image recognition.
  • 12. Generation of images.
  • 13. Tools, without AI programming
  • 14. AI programming
  • 15. Subject assignment


JM Professor of How Artificial Intelligence Will Boost Your Career

Javier Morales Escudero