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The Corporate Narrative

The Corporate Narrative The Corporate Narrative
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesThe Corporate Narrative

Building reputation and creating a corporate narrative is key in a world where misinformation and message saturation is growing exponentially.

Without a narrative, there is no story. Without a story, there is no knowledge of what you do. Communication teams are increasingly relevant in the day-to-day life of companies, public bodies, NGOs... in fact, of any group that interacts in an over-informed society.

In this course, we will value the work of communication professionals who contribute to developing the strategic plans of their companies, protecting their reputation and creating a corporate narrative that supports this positioning and to project an adequate image.

Learning Goals

  • Know the value of intangible assets for the development of a brand, company, institution.
  • Recognition of communication as a key tool to build reputation.
  • Discover the ecosystem of corporate content creation.
  • Distribution strategies, which are key for your message to reach the public.
  • Panorama and trends in corporate communication

Contents of the Subject

The Corporate Narrative

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2.- What is Corporate Communication
  • 3.- Intangible assets
  • 4.- Skills and profiles of the journalist in corporate communication. New roles and competences
  • 5.- Attention economy: new audiences, new opportunities
  • 6.- Content strategies: The creation and distribution of content
  • 7.- Transmedia: The fight for content
  • 8.- The post-truth era. Disinformation
  • 9.- Corporate communication, advertising and marketing: differences
  • 10.- The influence of digital marketing in corporate communication: SEO, Keywords, analytics.
  • 11.- Data as a key element for decision-making
  • 12.- Relationship with the media
  • 13.- CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 14.- Business communication crisis. Its risks
  • 15.- Closing session


Fernando Morales Jiménez Professor de The Corporate Narrative

Fernando Morales Jiménez