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Interdisciplinary Learning Courses

Creation and Optimization of Online Formats

Creation and Optimization of Online Formats Creation and Optimization of Online Formats
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesCreation and Optimization of Online Formats

In a digital age in which we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, authors and create content that we share online, we must learn how to do it correctly and successfully

This course presents, after an introduction to the world of creation, some of the main tools for online content publication and dissemination, as well as correct editing and preparation of formats for better indexing in the main search engines.

This is an eminently practical course, during which exercises will be carried out that can then be incorporated into a portfolio, consisting of a final project that contains everything studied in class.

Learning Goals

  • Expand knowledge and skills in the digital environment.
  • Acquire digital skills that allow one to disseminate content through digital social media.
  • Know what can and cannot be done.
  • Understand how social and digital media can help achieve business objectives.
  • Give visibility to projects and use some of the main tools.

Contents of the Subject

Creación y Optimización de Formatos Online

  • 1. Introduction to the digital world. Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • 2. Editing text and image documents
  • 3. Editing and adaptation of images
  • 4. Editing and adaptation of audio
  • 5. Editing and adaptation of videos
  • 6. Conceptualization of a creative idea and the creation of digital stories
  • 7. Online communication formats
  • 8. Content Managing Systems (CMS)
  • 9. Information classification and SEO positioning
  • 10. Editing WordPress templates
  • 11. Source code: Introduction to HTML, CSS
  • 12. Insertion of text and video in web entries
  • 13. Plugins and Widgets
  • 14. Creation of newsletters: Mailchimp
  • 15. Hosting and domains


Celia Sancho Professor

Celia Sancho Belinchon