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Creative Problem-solving Tools

Creative Problem-solving Tools Creative Problem-solving Tools
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesCreative Problem-solving Tools

There are many ways to become a more creative person. The vast majority of these ways you will find them in this subject

There is a lot of talk about creativity and, many times, we associate creativity only with ingenuity. However, creativity has its own techniques and tools to develop. During this course, through games, exercises and everyone's participation, we will learn about the tools used in companies to reach effective solutions that aren't always the ones we initially think of. You will also know different methods with which to make decisions, either at work or at a personal level. A lively and dynamic subject that will help you in any of your fields and in your day to day.

Learning Objectives

  • Know, in a basic way, the different techniques used to solve problems.
  • Know how to approach a problem and find the best solution.
  • Develop a critical spirit.
  • Improve dialectical and oratory skills.
  • Learn to work together.

Contents of the Subject

Creative Problem-solving Tools

  • 1. Introduction to creativity. Are you creative?
  • 2. Lateral thinking
  • 3. Problem evaluation
  • 4. Problem analysis techniques: 5W, Pareto diagram, 5M
  • 5. Brainstorming
  • 6. Collaborative techniques: Panels, Gemba Walk, Ohno Circle
  • 7. Importance of the search for non-value-added activities, agile meetings
  • 8. Decision-making techniques: Eisenhower Matrix, Lean Matrix
  • 9. Conflict resolution techniques: 6 De Bono Hats, Empathy Map
  • 10. How would he/she do it...
  • 11. Lean Startup
  • 12. Design thinking
  • 13. Minimum viable product
  • 14. Creative techniques for personal improvement
  • 15. What do we know about our colleagues? What about us?


Javier Díaz-Masa Gutiérrez Professor of Creative Problem-solving Tools

Javier Díaz-Masa Gutiérrez