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Creative Writing

Creative Writing Creative Writing
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesCreative Writing

Throughout the history of humanity, writing has been not only a communication tool, but also a way to know the world around us and explore ourselves as emotional beings.

There are many occasions in which we feel that the words and means of expression that we possess are insufficient to communicate what we have inside. Writing, as a means of relating to the world and to others, can be learned, practiced, and become a means of understanding the world from other perspectives. In such an automated world, in which feelings are put aside in favor of practicality, sometimes it is necessary to take a breath and look within.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover writing as a means of understanding the world and ourselves.
  • Know the basic elements of the main literary genres.
  • Practice and explore your own creative possibilities.
  • Know different types of literary and creative expression.
  • Improve communication skills through writing.

Contents of the Subject

Creative Writing

  • 1. Creative writing: unlocking, approach
  • 2. Story: play and practice
  • 3. Narrative: elements
  • 4. Narration and characters I
  • 5. Narration and characters II
  • 6. Dialogues and scripts
  • 7. Compose a scene
  • 8. Poetry: What is poetry...?
  • 9. ...Poetry is you: Practice, introspection.
  • 10. Literary vanguards
  • 11. Copywriting and storytelling: persuasive writing
  • 12. Improve your writing in Word, theory
  • 13. Practice your writing in Word
  • 14. How the publishing sector works
  • 15. Closing and discussion


Clara Criado Escribá Professor of Creative Writing

Clara Criado Escribá