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Interdisciplinary Learning Courses

Critical thinking in the face of fake news

Critical thinking in the face of fake news Critical thinking in the face of fake news
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesCritical thinking in the face of fake news

“The biggest deception is having a single truth”

This is not a subject, it is a challenge, an opportunity to question your beliefs, your perceptions, the information that surrounds you.
Yes, we will talk about fake news, post-truth, computational propaganda, deepfakes, lies, half-truths, deceptions, misinformation and other propaganda techniques.

And above all, we will understand how they affect different professional areas and what we can do to face them. All this from a practical, enjoyable and, above all, useful approach.

I invite you to take part in this challenge.

Learning objectives

  • Identification of information based on its objectives, means and treatment.
  • Knowledge of propaganda and its techniques.
  • Critical attitude and awareness in the identification of digital propaganda
  • Application of digital verification tools
  • Holistic view of the fake news phenomenon and the agents involved in it.

Contents of the Subject

Critical thinking in the face of fake news

  • Fake news. Approach to the concept.
  • Propaganda. Misinformation and other techniques.
  • Public opinion and post-truth.
  • Fake news. Activity 1.
  • Disinformation media.
  • Misinformation and political communication.
  • Research in the classroom: Gerasimov doctrine + hate speech.
  • Disinformation and corporate communication.
  • Deepfakes.
  • Exchange of ideas. Activity 2.
  • Fact-check: the guardians of the truth.
  • Verification tools.
  • The institutional battle: organisms and misinformation.
  • The future of the Internet. Debate.