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Digital content platform

Digital content platform Digital content platform
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesDigital content platform

It encourages the acquisition of skills to disseminate content on digital social media, and thus achieve business objectives in a globalized and interconnected society.

Through this subject, the student learns about and manages the main networks and resources in order to disseminate the contents of blogs and websites on the Internet, as well as to create and manage virtual communities around them. You will get a general and practical view on community management and social media and its possibilities as a marketing tool. Other aspects it addresses are the following:

- Social networks and their usefulness in the professional and business sphere.
- Generalist, Professional and Microblogging Platforms.
- Photoblogging and Videoblogging.
- Monitoring as a key element in social networks. Main methods and tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Expand knowledge and skills in the digital environment by demonstrating the acquisition of digital skills.
  • Get to spread content through digital social media.
  • Understand how social and digital media can help you achieve your business goals, decide which ones are the most appropriate in each case.
  • Design an adequate social media plan that allows you to take advantage of both the free and paid features available today

Contents of the Subject

Digital content platform

  • 1. Introduction to social networks
  • 2. Facebook
  • 3. Twitter
  • 4. LinkedIn
  • 5. Other professional social networks as marketing tools
  • 6. YouTube
  • 7. Other social video networks as marketing tools
  • 8. Instagram
  • 9. Other photography social networks as marketing tools
  • 10. Publishing strategies
  • 11. Monitoring strategies
  • 12. Other social networks
  • 13. Social networks and circular economy
  • 14. Use of social networks in politics
  • 15. Social networks in the 21st century: a new way of relating


Pilar Bernat Professor of Digital content platform

Pilar Bernat