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A digital course for those who want to add real value to organizations

During the length of the course students will learn how to “Think Digital”. This means understanding the basics of digital but also learning how to apply digital technology in the real world.
Students will learn, research, integrate and apply the latest digital trends as part of organizational processes to add value for consumers and companies.
As part of this journey, students will challenge existing business processes, digital strategies and consumer satisfaction.

We live in an era where organizations are aware of the benefits of digital but afraid of making the necessary changes as these may affect their performance in the short term.
Since digital is the most important force shaping businesses, digital marketing professionals must be ready to be challenged by professionals with limited knowledge in digital transformation.
Therefore, students will learn how to build a plan, justify investments and report performance.

Learning objectives

  • 1. Understand how the digital environment is shaping consumers behaviour.
  • 2. Recognise the necessary changes to move from a traditional to digital mindset.
  • 3. Learn how digital is disrupting organizations.
  • 4. Create value for digital consumers.
  • 5. Build strategies based on the latest digital trends.

Contents of the Subject

Digital Mindset

  • 1. Introduction to the digital ecosystem – New industry 4.0.
  • 2. Consumer behaviour, customer journey, buying persona and market trends.
  • 3. Activity – Building the ideal buying persona and customer journey.
  • 4. Digital organization & Digital consumers – Customer centric – Vodafone and Argos case study.
  • 5. Activity – identify and create a customer centric organization.
  • 6. Digital strategies – from traditional marketing to digital marketing: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Augmented reality.
  • 7. Activity - Applying technology to organizations.
  • 8. Presentation + Debate.
  • 9. Leading and building a digital strategy – assignment: Nike.
  • 10. How to measure and report the digital performance: dashboards and control panels.
  • 11. Activity – Creating dashboards to monitor the digital performance.
  • 12. Trends in digital marketing – what is coming? How can organisations adopt the new technology?
  • 13. Activity – Transforming the digital strategy of VISIONLAB.
  • 14. Review learnings and discuss the future of marketing.