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Education for Health

Education for Health Education for Health
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesEducation for Health

Delve into the health area from a different perspective

What is truly health? In recent times, the importance of sanitation and health has been demonstrated in a plausible way.
As an area so important to us both as individuals and as a group society, this subject aims to bring it closer together in an unusual way. Familiarizing the student with a world that has much to contribute.

You will acquire knowledge that you can use in your day to day in order to achieve balance in health.
Starting from the basics to dismantling the most curious myths, if this year you want to know about health from a different perspective, this is your course. It is not a master class full of technicality, everything learned will be through dynamics.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Learn about the organisms and know how to use the health system
  • 2. Develop correct strategies for your own health.
  • 3. Disprove myths in health.
  • 4. Have a good time with games and workshops.

Contents of the Subject

Education for Health

  • 1. Presentation of the subject and organization
  • 2. Healthcare and organization. Who is behind healthcare?
  • 3. First aid. Simulation. "Saving Ryan"
  • 4. Fashions and trends.
  • 5. Mental health. Are they crazy?
  • 6. MythBusters. Fake news in health. Dr Google
  • 7. Sexual health
  • 8. Toxic habits
  • 9. New technologies. Damage or advance?
  • 10. Complementary therapies
  • 11. Bioethics and debate
  • 12. My healthiest self
  • 13. Disability
  • 14. Olympics


Laura Valero Professor of Education for Health

Laura Valero Blanco