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European Cinema: a Reflection on European Identity

European Cinema: a Reflection on European Identity European Cinema: a Reflection on European Identity
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesEuropean Cinema: a Reflection on European Identity

Learning through watching films. You are the protagonist of this course: in sharing our ideas and reflections you are the screenwriter of what we learn. Europe holds a fascinating cultural and political identity that is always unfolding, let’s explore it together

This course examines pressing European social and political subjects in present European cinema. In discussing current trends in European identity, students will be familiarized with European most influential sociological, political and artistic discussions regarding European identity, as well as be introduced to the works of some of the most influential European filmmakers. Students will watch and discuss films as well as significant visual culture materials, including short films and documentaries.

Ordered thematically, this course offers a multidisciplinary approach on intertwined areas regarding the notion of identity such as sociology, political science, literature, art, critical theory and everyday life through cinema. This course encourages students’ active participation and in-class debate on contemporary European political, cultural and artistic discussions and controversies.

Learning objectives

  • Critical evaluation and analytical skills on current international social, cultural and political issues.
  • Generic comprehension on the socio political, economic and cultural panorama of Europe today.
  • Ethical awareness on social issues in debating notions such as gender, social practices and environmental policies, cultural and linguistic heritage.
  • Acknowledgment towards cultural and political international diversity and multicultural identities.
  • Team work skills and practices toward social intercollaboration in cross disciplinary activities by sharing knowledge with students from different intellectual fields.

Contents of the Subject

European Cinema: a Reflection on European Identity

  • Unit 1. Introduction: The Idea of Europe and the European Imaginary
  • Unit 2. Reconstructing Europe: The Postwar European Identity
  • Unit 3. Re-assembling Europe: from Cold-War Paranoia to the Unity of Germany
  • Unit 4. European wars and decolonizing processes
  • Unit 5. Postcolonial subjects: Refugees and Immigration
  • Unit 6. European Cinema and Gender in Europe
  • Unit 7. Social Cinema and the Welfare State
  • Unit 8: Social classes and European cinema
  • Unit 9. Counter-Cultural Movements and the European Cinematic Industry
  • Unit 10. Alternative identities: New European citizenships and cinema
  • Unit 11. Radical Politics: European cinema and terrorism
  • Unit 12. European Cinema and the Financial Crisis
  • Unit 13. European Cinema and Ethics
  • Unit 14. Quests and Horizons: Europe Today.
  • Unit 15. Towards the future: Debating tomorrow’s Europe.


profesor Professor of European Cinema: a Reflection on European Identity

Fernando Herrero Matoses, PhD.