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Fundamentals of criminal investigation

Fundamentals of criminal investigation Fundamentals of criminal investigation
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesFundamentals of criminal investigation

"There is no perfect crime, only absence of good investigators"

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when a criminal act occurs is: Did it really happen that way? That is because when investigating a crime, there are many elements to take into account, choosing the victim, the modus operandi and the criminal's signature, the scene of the crime, the alibi, evidence... The analysis of all of these elements will allow us

to get as close as possible to the reality of what happened. Therefore, in this subject we will study in a practical way, with laboratory material and going to real crime scenes, in order to solve and investigate the main criminal events that have marked criminal history in Spain.

Learning objectives

  • Integrate Criminalistics as an interdisciplinary science into your area of knowledge
  • Know how to identify the main concepts in a criminal investigation
  • Learn the different investigation techniques of a criminal act
  • Design investigation proposals around a crime
  • Acquire the skills necessary to prepare a criminal investigation report

Contents of the Subject

Fundamentals of criminal investigation

  • Topic 1.- Introduction and organization of the subject
  • Topic 2.- Introduction to Criminalistics
  • Topic 3.- Investigation resources
  • Topic 4.- Forensic computing
  • Topic 5.- Introduction to forensic ballistics
  • Topic 6-. Calligraphic expert. Documentscopy
  • Topic 7.- Fingerprint, developing and transplanting fingerprints
  • Topic 8.- Traffic collision criminalistics
  • Topic 9.- Interrogation techniques
  • Topic 10.- Criminal profiling
  • Topic 11.- Crime scene
  • Topic 12.- Legal framework
  • Topic 13.- The expert report
  • Topic 14.- End of course and closing activity


Adrián Nicolás Marchal González Professor of Fundamentals of criminal investigation

Adrián Nicolás Marchal González