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Graphology: what your handwriting says about your personality

Graphology: what your handwriting says about your personality Graphology: what your handwriting says about your personality
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesGraphology: what your handwriting says about your personality

How is writing a sample of your personality?

A blank piece of paper and a pencil, no more is needed in childhood to scribble. Who does not remember those afternoons full of drawing? Or when we began to learn to write, copying those lines and pressing down so much the pencil would go through the paper, almost as if we had a superpower. Our mind and our hand were looking for a bridge to show our personality, our sense of control. Communicating with the outside world was part of our goal. The hand does what the mind tells us

The way of we write, how we describe the content through handwriting, offers us a projection of the most intimate self. Handwriting is alive and evolves with maturity, trembles with fear or is firm when we have confidence. Culture asks us for a unique identity through our signature to authorize our personal and non-transferable brand. And we ask ourselves, what does it say about us?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key concepts of personality and relate to graphological schools in different historical contexts.
  • Collect a handwriting sample to analyze basic skills through Graphology.
  • Recognize the main features of Western writing and establish global characteristics.
  • Detect differences between representative letters of graphology and introduce inductive alphabetic studies through examples.
  • Introduce the study of the signature and the flourish, and implement the main aspects for its analysis.

Contents of the Subject

Graphology: what your handwriting says about your personality

  • 1. The study of personality, temperament and character
  • 2. Writing history.
  • 3. Graphology schools and currents.
  • 4. Principles of graphology.
  • 5. How we write and position ourselves in space.
  • 6. Collecting the written sample.
  • 7. The morphological representation of the letter: What is the graphic architecture?.
  • 8. The first thing we see: size, shape and pressure.
  • 9. How you wrote it: direction, speed and incline.
  • 10. What is the global idea: cohesion and order.
  • 11. Handwriting gesture types with a specific meaning.
  • 12. Letters that speak: The will represented in the t.
  • 13. Letters showing: Degree of attention and precision in the point of the i.
  • 14. Letters that imagine: The creativity of the d and the sensuality of the g.
  • 15. The signature and the flourish, our personal brand.


Estrella Serrano Professor of Graphology: what your handwriting says about your personality

Estrella Serrano Muñoz

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the Spanish Open University (UNED), specialty in Clinical Psychology. Associate's degree in Psychographology from the Institute of Psychographology and expertise. Teaching Aptitude Certificate from the Complutense University of Madrid. Comprehensive course of Employment Technician from the School of Recreation and Education in Children's and Youth Leisure Time. Professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of Psychology in social intervention from different areas and especially in professional guidance and vocational training for employment. I have been a professional counselor at the Center for Guidance and Employment of the UNED, Professor of the Training and Labor Orientation subject and of Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative for Vocational Training. I have extensive experience in private consulting in the field of technical management of Vocational Training for Employment and in Company Internships. Professor of the Official Certification of Teaching Vocational Training for employment, and Certificate of Professionalism of Promotion of Effective Equality for Women and Men. Social and cultural facilitator in Women's Associations.