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Human Resources. People Management in the company

Human Resources. People Management in the company  Human Resources. People Management in the company
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesHuman Resources. People Management in the company

Do you want to know how a Human Resources Department works? Do the concepts Organization Chart, Job Description, Competences Profiles, Performance Evaluation, Recruitment, Reception Plan, Assessment Center... sound familiar to you? Do you know what a selection process looks like “from within”?

In this subject, we will see these and other concepts to learn about the operation of the HR Department of a company.

We will discuss, in a practical way and with real case examples, how to comprehensively manage HR in a company. How is talent incorporated, how is it developed and how is it retained?

We will focus on the major HR policies and practices: design of a Competence Management Model, learn about the Performance Evaluation Process, carry out a selection process with all its phases...

Learning Objectives

  • Know the functioning of a Human Resources Department.
  • Recognize the main aspects to develop, manage and retain talent.
  • Learn the pillars of a Competence Management Model.
  • Know how to carry out a selection process "from within".
  • Practice the (self)assessment of competences through dynamics and activities.

Contents of the Subject

Human Resources. People Management in the company

  • 1. Presentation of subject, professor and students.
  • 2. Current context in HR: the starting point.
  • 3. New focus on the HR function.
  • 4. Comprehensive HR management by competences.
  • 5. Jobs and their description.
  • 6. Competences: skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • 7. Competence profiles: we compare the position and the person.
  • 8. Self-assessment: how well did I do in the most demanded skills?
  • 9. Assessment tools: assessment center.
  • 10. Performance Evaluation and Management Process.
  • 11. Recruitment and selection: the process "from within".
  • 12. Dynamics to evaluate skills in selection processes.
  • 13. Commitment management: the Climate Survey, Reception Plan...
  • 14. Other HR policies.
  • 15. Closing lecture.


David García Rodríguez Professor of Human Resources. People Management in the company

David García Rodríguez

David graduated as a psychologist from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, he has a Master's degree in Behavior Modification at the UCM, and a Master's degree in Human Resources at the Kingston University of London.
With over 20 years of experience in HR, he has spent most of his career consulting at the multinational Indra. He has had the opportunity to participate in numerous national and international projects, which gives him a general vision of HR development: management by competences, selection, training, evaluation, performance management, motivation, commitment, work environment, communication...
Currently, he teaches skills and HR and also teaches the subjects Development of Professional Competences I, II and III. HIs classes are taught through a practical, dynamic and participatory methodology (he even uses magic as an auxiliary tool, either to introduce a concept or reinforce a message). He is open, and focuses on individual and group reflection, generating productive training sessions, as well as making them active, participatory and enjoyable.
Some of the companies with which he has recently collaborated: RTVE, the Spanish Senate, Día, Leroy Merlin, Legálitas, Indra, BBVA, Telefónica, Canal de Isabel II, Grupo Sol-Tryp-Meliá, Seguros Ocaso, Banco de España, Inditex, Porsche...