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Improve your digital competences

Improve your digital competences Improve your digital competences
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesImprove your digital competences

The world is digital, and you? Improve your digital competences as a citizen, student and professional.

Today's context is prominently digital. Concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning are no longer alien to society. In this setting, it is increasingly necessary to develop skills and competences that allow the full and autonomous development of citizenship. Building a digital mindset goes beyond the instrumental command of technology. It requires understanding the implications of digital transformation in its different dimensions: digital culture and its values, digital competences in multiple environments, or the social impact and policies of digital change. This is precisely the focus of the subject “Improve your digital competences”.

Throughout the course, students will learn to “think digitally” and develop basic digital competences, as citizens, students and professionals. That means understanding the basics of digital elements, but also learning how to apply technology in the real world. Students will learn, research, integrate and apply the latest digital trends as part of organizational processes, and will learn about the drive being given to this set of competences at a national and international level.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Understand how the digital environment is transforming society: digital culture.
  • 2. Recognize the changes needed to move from a traditional mindset to a digital one.
  • 3. Understand the different digital competences and skills that are required in the current context, as citizens, students and professionals.
  • 4. Create value through technology in different contexts.
  • 5. Build strategies based on the latest digital trends.

Contents of the Subject

Improve your digital competences

  • 1. Introduction to the current digital ecosystem.
  • 2. Digital skills and competences in the current context.
  • 3. Activity - Reflection on the student's level of digital competence.
  • 4. The process of digital transformation in organizations.
  • 5. Digital organization and digital prosumers. Case studies.
  • 6. Activity - Applying technology to organizations.
  • 7. Presentation + Debate.
  • 8. Leading and building a digital strategy.
  • 9. How to measure and report digital performance.
  • 10. Activity - Digital performance.
  • 11. Digital competence and its social dimension (fight against the digital gender gap, groups at risk of exclusion, etc.).
  • 12. Digital professions and training process.
  • 13. Technological trends: present and future.
  • 14. Activity - Group digital project.
  • 15. Presentation + Debate.


EVirginia Cabrera Professor of Improve your digital competences

Virginia Cabrera Nocito

Over 20 years in Telefónica, helping companies and professionals to profitably incorporate technology into their businesses. Defining their value proposition and working its way to the end customer.
Knowing very well that displaying value in the digital age is not easy, I help professionals shine and their businesses grow, combining my professional activity with my work as a disseminator, as a writer, blogger, and speaker. And also, as a digital mindset professor, and mentor of digital transformation projects.
And I do this by seeking development over transformation, cultivating the "seeds" of digital skills we all possess. Because I know that we are facing a techno-emotional journey that necessarily has to balance abilities and technology with personal development and emotional management.
• CEO of Making professionals shine and their businesses grow in the digital age.
• Author of the book “Disfruta Teletrabajando: Cómo mantener calor y resultados cuando trabajas con gente a la que no ves”.
• Co-founder of, the blog for professionals who choose to be valuable in the digital age.
• Author of the Telefónica blog Blogger since 2016.
• University Professor of the MBA program at the Industrial Business School (UPM, Madrid), at UNIR and at the Antonio Nebrija University.
Mentor for Value Development in the Digital Age
More information and all publications at
Cristina Villalonga Gómez Professor of Improve your digital competences

Cristina Villalonga Gómez

Cristina Villalonga Gómez has a PhD in Communication and Education in Digital Environments, a Master's Degree in Communication and Education on the Web and a Master's Degree in Social Networks and Digital Learning from the UNED, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the UAB. Her professional and research activity revolves around two axes: the development of media and digital competences in multiple contexts, and the methodological definition in the teaching, learning and training processes in virtual and hybrid scenarios, focusing on media and digital empowerment through pedagogical renewal. She is part of the Nebrija Research Group on Cognition, Education and Individual Differences, and collaborates with the Research Group on Communication and Digital Information (GICID) of the University of Zaragoza.
She is Director of the Digital Education unit at Nebrija University, Global Campus Nebrija. In this area, she launched a digital education model that has received numerous awards, such as the 2017 Educational Excellence Award for the Best Online University, awarded by the Fundación Mundo Ciudad; and the implementation of a Hybrid Attendance model, awarded in the Leading Change category at the 2021 Blackboard Catalyst Awards.
She has a Diploma in Senior Management of Universities and is a representative of the Working Group on Online Training and Educational Technology (FOLTE) of the CRUE-TIC Sectorial Committee, collaborating in projects related to Digital Teaching Competence and EdTech Training.
More information at: