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International Human Rights

International Human Rights International Human Rights
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesInternational Human Rights

Respecting, protecting and promoting human rights is not only State’s responsibility. It’s also upon all individuals and business

Human rights are not just tools for lawyers. In each professional field, human rights can be respected and promoted or violated. Just think of non-discrimination, sexual harassment, health and safety, privacy, freedom of religion. Respecting, protecting and promoting human rights is every individual’s and business’ responsibility. This course offers basic tools to students with different backgrounds to understand what human rights are,

what instruments do exist and what kind of human rights violations still exist in our globalized society.
The course will be problem-based. Each unit will be oriented to understand, discuss and find solutions to existing challenges. We will work in groups and learn through simulations and participatory activities how to respect, protect and promote human rights in your future professional field.

Learning objectives

  • 1. To learn about international human rights obligations
  • 2. To understand existing challenges in human rights protection
  • 3. To plan measures to respect, protect and promote human rights in your future profession
  • 4. To develop the ability to understand a problem and to find tailored solutions
  • 5. To develop collaborative skills

Contents of the Subject

International Human Rights

  • Session 1: Introduction
  • Session 2: International human rights obligations
  • Session 3: Gender equality
  • Session 4: Maternity and parental rights
  • Session 5: Group activities
  • Session 6: Health and working hours
  • Session 7: Non-discrimination and intersectionality
  • Session 8: Group activities
  • Session 9: Migrant workers
  • Session 10: Cultural differences and freedom of religion
  • Session 11: Group activities
  • Session 12: Minorities rights
  • Session 13: Disability
  • Session 14: Environmental global justice
  • Session 15: Group activities


MariaCaterina La Barbera Professor International Human Rights

MariaCaterina La Barbera

PhD in Human Rights from the University of Palermo, Italy. “Ramón y Cajal” research fellow. Her research covers human rights at the intersection between gender equality and migration. She is the author of “Multicentered Feminism” (2009) and edited the volumes “Identity and Migration in Europe” (2015), “Igualdad de género y no discriminación en España” (2016), “Challenging the Borders of Justice in the Age of Migrations” (Springer 2019). She also authored numerous publications in indexed journals and chapters of books (in English, Spanish and Italian). She has been Principal Investigator of competitive research projects. For more information: click here.