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Keys to Contemporary History in Spain

Keys to Contemporary History in Spain Keys to Contemporary History in Spain
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesKeys to Contemporary History in Spain

You cannot live in a country, vote in a country and feel part of that country
without knowing its most recent history

All teaching that is done through games turns learning into a playful act, and everything that is learned by playing is hard to forget.

Throughout its fourteen sessions, this class carries out a game in the classroom in which the students take part in order to know more and more things about Spain.

We cannot be Spanish and not know that Spain won the 2010 World Cup, that Manolete was a bullfighter, and that Massiel won the Eurovision festival with the song “La, La, La”.

We have to know who led the coup of 1936 and why the Republic failed, who was Alfonso XIII and what role did Adolfo Suárez play in the Transition.

History is not only about our historical facts, it is also our art, our sports and our music and folklore.

In short, our history is what Severo Ocho, Rafa Nadal and Miguel Ríos achieved.

We will see you in class to play with all of them and learn from them.

We will finish the course with a special activity that I only tell my students about

Learning objectives

  • Knowledge of the history of Spain in the 20thcentury in all its aspects.
  • Enhance teamwork.
  • Develop the student's critical spirit
  • Increase leadership ability
  • •Strengthen knowledge with gamification

Contents of the Subject

Keys to Contemporary History in Spain

  • 1. Introduction and organization of the subject
  • 2. History of Spain 1900-1910. Alfonso XIII begins his reign
  • 3. History of Spain 1910-1920. Spain enters the League of Nations
  • 4. History of Spain 1920-1930. Jacinto Benavente wins the Nobel Prize
  • 5. History of Spain 1930-1940. Proclamation of the Republic
  • 6. History of Spain 1940-1950. Opening of Galeria Preciados
  • 7. History of Spain 1950-1960. Joaquín Blume European Gymnastics champion
  • 8. History of Spain 1960-1970. Massiel wins the Eurovision festival
  • 9. History of Spain 1970-1980. Start of the Transition
  • 10. History of Spain 1980-1990. The Socialist party wins the government of Spain
  • 11. History of Spain 1990-2000. The Thyssen collection acquired by the Spanish government
  • 12. History of Spain 2000-2010. A Spanish president of the European Parliament
  • 13. History of Spain 2010-2019. World Cup victory in South Africa
  • 14. End of course and closing activity


Professor of Keys to Contemporary History in Spain

Enrique Fernández Redondo

Mª del Carmen Pérez Professor of Keys to Contemporary History in Spain

Mª del Carmen Pérez de las Heras