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Leadership and team management

Leadership and team management Leadership and team management
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesLeadership and team management

Do you want to be boss when you’re older? Start by learning to be a great leader!

Would you like to learn to lead and motivate? This subject is a journey in which you will awaken the natural leadership that you carry within. Even if you don't have a team to lead yet, you can start living and practicing to be the leader you will become in the future. We will learn the secrets that distinguish great motivational leaders.

We will work through dynamics, debates, cinema forums and real practical cases experienced by the professor throughout his career in an entertaining way. Together we will delve into the subject to obtain very useful lessons for your future, both professionally and personally.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the secrets of great leaders and influential communicators.
  • Get to know yourself better and understand what your natural leadership style is in order to evolve.
  • Train the mentality of a leader and eliminate the barriers or beliefs that limit you.
  • Learn to better connect with others, to establish trusting relationships to maintain high motivation within your team, favoring the work environment and the development of their full potential.
  • Manage conflicts in a useful and constructive way.

Contents of the Subject

Leadership and team management

  • 1. Presentation of the subject, professor and group.
  • 2. What is leadership? Basic concepts. Leadership styles.
  • 3. What is your evolutionary leadership style? Test to know you better.
  • 4. Spiral dynamics. Analyzing the leadership of famous people (part one).
  • 5. Spiral dynamics. Analyzing the leadership of famous people (part two).
  • 6. Keys to personal and interpersonal leadership. Learning from the best.
  • 7. Train your leader mentality!
  • 8. Eliminating barriers or limitations to reach your natural leadership.
  • 9. Connect emotionally with your team.
  • 10. How to motivate and build a high-performance team.
  • 11. The Conflict: problem or opportunity?
  • 12. Learn to give feedback in an assertive and motivating way.
  • 13. Cinema Forum. Leadership in cinema.
  • 14. Putting our leadership into practice.
  • 15. Closing lecture.


Fernando Sanz Ordoñez Professor of Leadership and team management

Fernando Sanz Ordoñez

Fernando Sanz is a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and has an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (IE Business School). Entrepreneur by nature, he has 20 years of professional experience working in international technology companies, occupying top-level management positions and leading teams of over 600 people. In addition, he has been trained by the best teachers in different master's degrees and disciplines related to Coaching and NLP, working as a Coach and trainer for more than 8 years. His passion for teaching has led him to becoming a professor at the Nebrija Institute of Professional Competences. As a consultant and trainer, he helps companies and their leaders to learn to relate and connect with their teams, motivate them and get the best out of each person, to turn them into great leaders.