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Learn to sell (yourself): Sales techniques

Learn to sell (yourself): Sales techniques Learn to sell (yourself): Sales techniques
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesLearn to sell (yourself): Sales techniques

The world is driven by contacts, and organizations are looking for people capable of influencing and selling. Don't be left out.

You know that it is important that you learn to sell... and to sell oneself. And this is probably your only opportunity to learn how to do it, while being guided and accompanied, before facing a challenge in your professional future.
We all need persuasion and sales skills, whether it is to promote ourselves as valuable professionals, to market services or products, to raise funds, negotiate, or to convince co-workers to collaborate and make it easier for us to achieve our goals. And we must also know how to use these skills in digital environments.

This is so relevant that, for several years now, LinkedIn, the world's largest reference point for employment trends, has been positioning persuasion as the second-most demanded competence by companies (only behind creativity). In fact, it is one of the skills most frequently evaluated in the selection processes, so it can condition your access to the job that interests you.
In addition, sales require complex thinking and socio-emotional skills, so they will not be replaced by artificial intelligence (especially those of high-value services or products).

Familiarizing yourself with these processes and practicing will help you to have confidence in your abilities and to achieve your professional (and personal) goals. Sign up now!

How are we going to do it?

  • Entertaining: There will be very participatory classes, focused on acquiring practical skills, on understanding how the influence and sales processes work.
  • Emotionally safe: No one is born a sales "ace" or a great influencer. You have to make it normal before you can make it perfect. We will support each other, and we will encourage each other.
  • Effective: We will rehearse and rehearse. You will forget your fears and test which strategies and formulas work best for you.
  • Connected to reality: We will analyze real sales situations and strategies, both from professionals and influencers as well as from companies.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Understand the principles of interpersonal influence.
  • 2. Know different sales techniques and commercial argumentation.
  • 3. Be able to develop and close sales conversations effectively.
  • 4. Define your own personal brand.
  • 5. Analyze different personal marketing strategies.

Contents of the Subject

SECTION 1: Learn to sell: sales techniques

  • 1. Principles of influence and persuasion.
  • 2. Verbal communication for sales.
  • 3. Paraverbal and non-verbal communication for sales.
  • 4. The value proposition.
  • 5. Low / Medium / High ticket selling.
  • 6. Consultative selling: how to sell tailor-made solutions and services.
  • 7. Arguing and restating objections.
  • 8. Commercial prospecting. Cross-selling.

SECTION 2: Learn to sell yourself: personal brand

  • 9. Personal brand
  • 10. Learn to build your story (storytelling).
  • 11. Network of contacts, reputation and audience.
  • 12. Authority and social proof.
  • 13. Social selling.
  • 14. Influence on social networks: analysis of real cases.
  • 15. Influence on social networks: analysis of real cases.


Maite Urribarri

Maite Uribarri González

Psychologist, Master's Degree in Human Resources Management and Third Generation Psychological Therapies. Doctoral student in Psychology. Expert in emotional intelligence, self-knowledge and communication. She has extensive experience in training in professional skills, career counseling and management of skills training programs. She combines university teaching at Nebrija with training and coaching for companies, and with her own psychotherapy office.