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Modern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities

Modern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities Modern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesModern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities

The most important episodes of modern cultural history cannot be understood without attending to the physical and spatial frameworks that have made them possible: cities

Western cultural history is the history of the modern city. In the case of Spain, its social and economic development in recent centuries cannot be understood without stopping to think about the physical and social scenarios of these transformations. The course aims to take a tour of the modern Spanish city, focusing on its two most important cities: Barcelona and Madrid, without forgetting other cities of vital importance for the country. Both are containers of talent and creative effervescence, and have witnessed an extraordinary cultural fertility that has been reflected in the growth they experienced throughout their history, especially from the 18th century to the present.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that architecture and cities are cultural facts in the public domain.
  • Understand urban space as a social fact.
  • Promote the perception of urban reality.
  • Develop a critical spirit in relation to the constructed environment in which we live.

Contents of the Subject

Modern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities

  • 1. Introduction: stories and theory of the modern city.
  • 2. Cities of tomorrow. Review of the history of urbanism in the 20th century.
  • 3. ‘Europeanism’ and ‘Americanism’ in the modern Spanish city.
  • 4. The modern city in Spain: capital and decentralization.
  • 5. The modern Spanish city in cinema and literature.
  • 6. Madrid (I)
  • 7. Madrid (II)
  • 8. Madrid (III)
  • 9. Madrid in films.
  • 10. Madrid in literature.
  • 11. Barcelona (I).
  • 12. Barcelona (II).
  • 13. Barcelona (III).
  • 14. Barcelona in films
  • 15. Barcelona in literature.


Alejandro Valdivieso Professor of Modern Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities

Alejandro Valdivieso