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On Track with Climate Change

On Track with Climate Change On Track with Climate Change
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesOn Track with Climate Change

Climate Change is the main driver of social change of the 21st century. Understanding it, knowing its risks, who are the global key players and what are the policies to face it, will not only open you to a world of professional opportunities: it will also make you a better human being.

From scientific, social and cultural approaches, climate change is universally transversal. It is the main pillar of the energy sector, migration policy and biological science. It is also the main market failure of the capitalist economy, the engine of human evolution and the main concern of youths. In this subject, you will learn everything relevant about climate change: you will learn about the victories in its struggle, the mitigation and adaptation policies, the scenarios that model the climate or what are green bonds; who's who, the deniers and Greta Thumberg; how we can supply ourselves with clean, safe and affordable energy and what are carbon credits; or the latest trends in urban mobility and biofuels. But we will also discuss what each of us can do to fight climate change. Don't miss it.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the scientific, social and cultural bases that support climate change.
  • Debating in public and defending/attacking antagonistic positions.
  • Communicate and spread messages that contribute to the fight against climate change.
  • Think and act in community.

Contents of the Subject

On Track with Climate Change

  • 1. The scientific bases of climate change 01
  • 2. The social and cultural bases of climate change 02.
  • 3. Climate impact and risk: scenarios and models.
  • 4. The social organization of the fight against climate change.
  • 5. The 2015 Paris Agreement.
  • 6. Climate politics, economics and finance.
  • 7. Activism and climate denialism.
  • 8. The Green Deal of the European Union and carbon markets.
  • 9. My carbon footprint.
  • 10. Algore, Thumberg and Legget: climate change and communication.
  • 11. Circular Economy and climate change.
  • 12. A world without emissions? Renewable energies 01.
  • 13. A world without emissions? Renewable energies 02.
  • 14. Climate migrations.
  • 15. Climate change and art.


Alejandro López-Cortijo Professor of On Track with Climate Change

Alejandro López-Cortijo