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Podcasting: audio content design

Podcasting: audio content design Podcasting: audio content design
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesPodcasting: audio content design

When I got into podcasting, this was all virgin territory. If you want to start making your own podcast and you don't know where to start, this subject will help you.

In this subject, students will learn what a podcast consists of, what makes it different or similar to radio, and how both models of broadcasting coexist and nurture each other. With an approach aimed at self-management, they will learn the necessary tools for recording, editing and publishing their own podcast, and they will discover the keys to planning, preparing and distributing audio content.

Learning Objectives

  • Know what a podcast is and what makes it different or similar to radio.
  • Discover the keys to creating audio content.
  • Learn to plan, record and edit your own audio content.
  • Understand and take advantage of the importance of sound design.
  • Develop the necessary skills to create a podcast.

Contents of the Subject

Podcasting: audio content design

  • 1. Presentation of the subject, professor and course.
  • 2. Podcasting 101: Let's start with the basics.
  • 3. Technique I: traditional and USB microphones.
  • 4. Keys for developing audio content.
  • 5. Technique II: audio interfaces and mixing desks.
  • 6. Planning: scripts, guidelines and duration.
  • 7. Technique III: headphones and recorders.
  • 8. Distribution (podcasting networks vs. independent) and audiences.
  • 9. Technique IV: non-linear recording and editing software.
  • 10. Narrative I: genres and sound design.
  • 11. Narrative II: Transmedia, music and copyright.
  • 12. Advertising, sponsorship, monetization and ‘branded podcast’.
  • 13. Edition I: preparing the contents of the podcast.
  • 14. Edition II: the final assembly.
  • 15. Closing session.


Juan Carlos Vélez Professor of Podcasting: audio content design

Juan Carlos Vélez

Juan Carlos Vélez is a journalist, graduated from the University of Wales in Communication Sciences (journalism). He is a professor of the Podcasting and transmedia narrative course in the Master's Degree in Radio at Nebrija University, in collaboration with Onda Cero. His final thesis was entitled 'Podcasting and content deprogramming' (‘El podcasting y la desprogramación de contenidos’), in which he established the hypothesis, in 2008, of the ideal concept of fragmenting radio programs into smaller content units for non-linear consumption, a la carte or under subscription. He is currently the news editor at Onda Cero Radio in the morning news program of Más de Uno, a program directed and presented by Carlos Alsina on the main radio station of the Atresmedia group. He previously was a correspondent for six years in the United Kingdom, based in London, for Onda Cero Radio and Antena 3 Noticias.