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Positive conflict management

Positive conflict management Positive conflict management
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesPositive conflict management

Since conflicts are common in our lives, why not learn to manage them in a more positive way? How do you handle them? Increase your confidence in confronting them safely.

In this course, you will learn techniques and strategies to manage conflicts that arise in our day-to-day lives in a more constructive, effective and satisfactory way. You will work on your Negotiation competence and will practice your assertive Communication. It is not about avoiding conflicts, but knowing how to deal with them properly, transforming them into growth opportunities and achieving mutually beneficial solutions. This is a practical subject, which through cases and dynamics, will make you develop competences that will help you to be more successful in the professional and personal field.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Know our style of dealing with conflicts.
  • 2. Learn strategies for positive conflict management.
  • 3. Improve communication skills to know how to convey our message effectively.
  • 4. Use negotiation techniques to deal with conflicts more satisfactorily.
  • 5. Approach difficult conversations with more confidence.

Contents of the Subject

Positive conflict management

  • 1. Defining and identifying the conflict. The conflict as an opportunity.
  • 2. Knowing what is your way of approaching it.
  • 3. How do I communicate?
  • 4. Communication problems.
  • 5. Active listening.
  • 6. Assertive communication as a conflict prevention and management tool. Practical cases.
  • 7. The DESC technique in asking for behavior changes.
  • 8. Persuasive communication.
  • 9. Empathy.
  • 10. The management of stereotypes and prejudices through group dynamics.
  • 11. Conflicts in work teams. Practical cases.
  • 12. Managing our emotions.
  • 13. Negotiation Techniques: Harvard method.
  • 14. Solving the conflict from dialogue: Restorative circles.
  • 15. Giving Feedback and Tackling Difficult Conversations.


Almudena Hidalgo Professor of Positive conflict management

Almudena Hidalgo

Master's Degree in Human Resources and Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Psychology from the Complutense University.
She is an expert in the development of Professional Competences, Talent attraction, Employability, evaluation, Selection and Assessment Interviews, she has collaborated with different Universities as a speaker giving conferences on employability and skills workshops. Co-author of the Manual "Cómo ser competente", published by the University of Salamanca.
Her professional career has been developed in Accenture, a consulting company, where she has worked for more than 22 years in Human Resources, within the area of Talent Selection and Attraction, as Manager and Talent Acquisition Lead. Her experience is focused on the strategy of attracting talent, both Junior and experienced candidates, as well as in the development and coordination of the selection processes, conducting interviews and hiring, supervising a team of over 20 people.
She is currently a Professor at Nebrija University for the different subjects of Development of Competences, and a professor of the MBA at UFV. She also collaborates in teaching skills courses at the Official Language School (EOI).