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Practical applications of the Spanish Constitution

Practical applications of the Spanish Constitution Practical applications of the Spanish Constitution
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesPractical applications of the Spanish Constitution

In order to understand the system in which you live, you need to know how the Constitution impacts institutions and people, your rights and the political and legal architecture of Spain

Regardless of whether laws are, probably, not among your priorities, it is necessary that you understand their most basic rudiments and how our country is organized politically through a constitution in which the basic principles of our society are collected, the values that inspire it and the rights that assist us as citizens, in addition to some important predictions about our political, judicial or autonomous system,

on a daily basis, the news reflects issues related to the topics that we will address in this subject, thanks to which you will be able not only to understand, but also to have a strong opinion on the challenges that Spain currently faces.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand, even on an elementary level, the Spanish legal and political system, its historical context and its essential principles.
  • Enhance the perception of everyday political-legal reality in the light of the constitution.
  • Develop a critical spirit.
  • Improve dialectics and public speaking skills.


Teresa Martínez Díaz Professor of Practical applications of the Spanish constitution

Teresa Martínez Díaz

Licenciada en Derecho y Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales por la Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICADE (E-3)
Máster en formación de profesorado por la Universidad San Pablo-CEU
Experiencia profesional:
Chase Manhattan Bank (Oficina de Representación en España)
Audihispana (Asesoría fiscal)
Barclays Bank (Premier Banking)
Universidad Nebrija (Profesora de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales)