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How to prepare for a media interview

How to prepare for a media interview How to prepare for a media interview
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesHow to prepare for a media interview

The first step towards the end goal

In this subject, stage fright does not exist. The interview is one more step to make ourselves known, to achieve our goals. For this reason, we will have the necessary tools to make solving this obstacle something natural, simple and affordable. And all through very practical and useful knowledge and perspective.

Research, prepare, know, create, project will be verbs that we will use effectively.

The interview will become your best ally.

Learning Objectives

  • Meticulously prepare the interview.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation.
  • Work on public speaking.
  • Have good verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Project calm and control during the interview.

Contents of the Subject

How to prepare for a media interview

  • 1. The interview. A concept to be developed and know.
  • 2. Preparing the interview, essential in creating a good strategy.
  • 3. Research is an essential factor to know in depth the topics to be developed in the Media: blogs, website, Social Networks of the company (LinkedIn, Facebook...)
  • 4. Activity 1. Preparing the interview.
  • 5. Useful tools: Social Networks, blogs, websites, etc...
  • 6. LinkedIn. Adapt, complete and update our profile.
  • 7. Know the context, situation and interviewer or interviewers with whom the interview will be carried out.
  • 8. Step prior to the interview. It is essential to carry out a general rehearsal with possible questions and answers.
  • 9. Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • 10. Oratory.
  • 11. Activity 2. Sharing information
  • 12. Acting naturally and enhancing body language.
  • 13. Good and bad listening.
  • 14. Clear and concise language. You have to build a good conversation.
  • 15. Activity 3. The interview.


Antonio Vaquerizo Mariscal Professor of How to prepare for a media interview

Antonio Vaquerizo Mariscal

Antonio Vaquerizo Mariscal is a PhD in Information Sciences from the UCM (Department of History of Social Communication). Professor at Nebrija University ("Theory of Communication", "Communication Industries" and "Ethics and Deontology of Communication"), researcher at the Nebrija Group of Analysis and Anticipation Journalism (PAA), and Director and professor of the Master's Degree in Sports Journalism and Broadcasting. At a teaching level, he is a specialist in the History of Journalism and in Communication Theories applied to the journalistic field. He is a journalist with a long career in companies such as Antena 3 Televisión, Telemadrid and Movistar+, media in which he carried out his work as editor in the sections of economy, national events and sports; sports reporter, editor, presenter and storyteller.