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Project a good image

Project a good image  Project a good image
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesProject a good image

Dare to create and project a good professional image, dare to offer your best self.

This is a theoretical-practical course in which students will be aware of the importance of creating and presenting a good personal image both in their daily life and in their professional life. They will learn to develop the necessary tools to improve their personal brand, their external image, their attitude and their communication.

When they finish the course, they will feel more comfortable in their own skin, they will have learned the importance not only of the first impression, but also of the continuous memory that we leave on others. People who have a defined personal brand and present a suitable image, have a great business card and greater ability to lead themselves and others.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what it is and how to improve the global image that I present in the different areas of life.
  • Learn about how I see myself, how I am seen and how I can improve.
  • Analyze the importance of image in the corporate world, in the media and on social networks.
  • Obtain style guidelines and enhancement of personal brand.
  • Leadership, Inclusion and diversity, the image as an element of socialization.

Contents of the Subject

Project a good image

  • 1-Dare to be you: SWOT, real/presented identity. Internal dialogue.
  • 2-Personal image: Behavior, external image, attitude and communication.
  • 3-Emotional and social intelligence: toxic and nutritious.
  • 4-Verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal communication.
  • 5-Personal brand: adaptation, truthfulness, naturalness.
  • 6-Personal brand and corporate brand.
  • 7- Image and company: job interviews, presentations. Leadership and halo effect.
  • 8- Style: identity through the image.
  • 9 -The image and the media.
  • 10 -The image and social networks.
  • 11-Inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism.
  • 12- The image of others, cognitive biases.
  • 13-Objectives, goals and achievements.
  • 14-Examples: Main problems and successes.
  • 15-Tips for top people.


Rocío del Cerro de Utrilla Professor of Project a good image

Rocío del Cerro de Utrilla

PhD in Sociology. She graduated in journalism and in political science. She has been in radio and television for over 25 years as a news presenter, war, politics and society reporter. Panelist. Information and program coordinator. Professor and consultant of communication, brand, entrepreneurship and business. Author of Reciclados y Encendiendo Focos.