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Project Marketing

Project Marketing Project Marketing
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesProject Marketing

You will discover that you cannot live without marketing What does Project Marketing offer you?

This subject is aimed primarily at all students whose degree does not include marketing as a subject.
Regardless of what you study, when you finish your degree you will integrate into a company or start your own business project... the activity you carry out will be aligned with marketing objectives.

Project Marketing is a subject that gives you the minimum and essential knowledge on marketing in a changing and digital era. We will approach it in a dynamic, practical and enjoyable way.
Analyzing case studies, detecting the latest trends, using digital tools that are used on a day-to-day basis.

Learning objectives

  • Know the basics of marketing in the digital age.
  • Identify the main marketing tools.
  • Know the new marketing trends in a changing and digital environment.

Contents of the Subject

Project Marketing

  • 1. What is marketing and what can it contribute to my degree?
  • 2. Marketing in a digital environment, the rules of the game have changed
  • 3. If you want to have influence do not advertise, relate
  • 4. Analysis of the situation “Houston we have a problem”… and it's a big one
  • 5. Where do we start. We need a plan
  • 6. But where are the customers! From the consumer to the proconsumer
  • 7. Look at the good and bad elements of the competition: Rule 333
  • 8. Objectives, strategies, tactics...
  • 9. Digital strategy, definitely.
  • 10. You are your own brand
  • 11. Action plan, step by step
  • 12. Digital tools
  • 13. Measure, analyze, correct… and you will win
  • 14. Closing activity: Summary and main conclusions


profesor Professor of Project Marketing

Ángel Zaragoza García

Licenciado en CC de la Información por la UCM y Máster en Internet Business por ISDI. Su carrera profesional se ha desarrollado en el área del emprendimiento digital y la consultoría de marketing, simultaneando varios proyectos en empresas del sector.
Es director de Marketing online de la agencia Zeta Punto Comunicación, donde también ha dirigido proyectos de ecommerce en diferentes sectores: alimentación, motor, joyas, arte, salud, entre otros.
Cuenta con una fuerte especialización en Apps Mobile con Realidad Aumentada de su colaboración con la empresa Pangea Reality, donde ha implementado desarrollos móviles B2B, B2E y B2C para clientes como Coca Cola, Bankia, Seat, Grundig, entre otros.
Su último proyecto es la puesta es la comercialización de asistentes virtuales (chatboots) en el entorno de Facebook https://messengermarketing.es