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Reading is an intense dialogue between the reader and the book, which is enhanced when shared with others.

In our Nebrija Reading Club, during 15 sessions, the reader meets once a week with a group of other readers -who have previously read a text- and a professor, and they work together on different types of texts. Readers sit together to analyze and debate the texts. Unique texts, of the highest quality, of different genres, current topics and from different authors and historical contexts are chosen, so that students find great pleasure in reading and acquire a habit that will accompany them during many moments of their lives.

In this ILC, reading comprehension, the ability for analysis, debate, the ability to defend ideas, accept those of others, listening and respecting speaking turns are promoted, while developing the reader's critical thinking. Reading is a deep dialogue between a reader and a book, and this course will develop the analytical capacity that so strengthens the critical spirit of the student and professional of the 21st century.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Learn and develop certain strategies that facilitate the understanding and interpretation of different types of texts.
  • 2. Motivate interest in reading and discover in it a source of information on the world.
  • 3. Read a lot to understand what is read and strengthen the reading habit.
  • 4. Increase vocabulary and strengthen some syntactic structures.
  • 5. Expand knowledge of the world and other cultural contexts just by reading the text.
  • 6. Socialize reading and enhance personal relationships.
  • 7. Develop skills to argue, debate and listen to different points of view.
  • 8. Acquire the ability for analysis and strengthen the critical spirit.

Contents of the Subject

Reading Club

  • 1. Comic book. The dialogue between image and word.
  • 2. "Humor + metaphor" = Greguerías and his hilarious power.
  • 3. Read to feel and understand. Poetic action.
  • 4. The theater, the great literary genre forgotten by readers.
  • 5. The importance of the story and its valuable narrative form.
  • 6. Stories and their trigger effect to develop imagination and reflection.
  • 7. The process of relating what we read. Narrating from oneself.
  • 8. Un viejo que leía novelas de amor by Luis Sepúlveda. Short novel or long story? Whichever it is, but in the Amazon rainforest.
  • 9. Essential glossary of basic literary and critical terms.
  • 10. Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger. The vision of the world, religion and the human being through two brothers in Manhattan in 1955.
  • 11. Analysis of the characters, their relationships and observation of our needs.
  • 12. The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. Halloween, terror and friendship.
  • 13. Tour of different scenes of the novel and festivals in different cultures.
  • 14. Silk by Alessandro Baricco. History of wishes, trips, letters and much more.
  • 15. Itinerary of a trip to the end of the world in the name of love.


Diego Aduriz Professor of Reading Club

Diego Aduriz