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Interdisciplinary Learning Courses

Robotics and Creativity in Technology

Robotics and Creativity in Technology Robotics and Creativity in Technology
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesRobotics and Creativity in Technology

Design and create through technologies, instead of being just another user

It may be that designing and manufacturing is not among your preferences in your degree, but you have always been curious and interested in knowing how some of the objects that surround you work in a basic way.

In Robotics and Creativity, you will “learn by doing”, we will carry out projects and learn to design, manufacture and even program without having prior knowledge, and always in a practical way.

Learning Objectives

  • Design to manufacture.
  • Use of Fablab and its tools, 3D printing and laser cutting.
  • Basic programming.
  • Teamwork.

Contents of the Subject

Robotics and Creativity in Technology

  • 1. Introduction and organization of the subject.
  • 2. Robotics, false myths.
  • 3. Introduction to programming.
  • 4. First project.
  • 5. Design tools.
  • 6. Programming tools.
  • 7. Fablab tools: design to manufacture, laser cut.
  • 8. Fablab tools: laser-cut materials.
  • 9. Projects in design and electronics.
  • 10. Fablab tools: Introduction to 3D printing.
  • 11. First impressions, problems and solutions.
  • 12. Second project.
  • 13. Fablab tools: advanced laser cutting.
  • 14. Third project.
  • 15. Exchange of experiences.


Jose Real Professor of Robotics and Creativity in Technology

Jose Real