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Smart Technologies for Society

Smart Technologies for Society Smart Technologies for Society
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesSmart Technologies for Society

Technology is not an end in itself, it is a means. Smart technologies require smart individuals that understand people and how to create value for them

New technologies allow us change the way we understand our society, rise to the challenges we face and improve the life of the citizens. Nevertheless, we should acknowledge that smart technologies call for smart individuals that apply the technology in the right way. Therefore, XXI century citizens and professionals must comprehend how to create value through them, discern which to apply in order to meet the desired goals and analyze the implications for the people involved.

This course aims to create a safe space for dialogue around smart technologies, their application and implications. For that purpose, we will explore the fundamental methodologies that help us create value, we will learn from real examples and we will develop a project to solve a problem we face as society.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the most common methodologies that help us innovate
  • Gain a basic knowledge on emergent technologies
  • Develop critical thinking around Technologies’ impact and how they affect society

Contents of the Subject

Smart Technologies for Society

  • 1. Course introduction, learning objectives and methodology
  • 2. Smart application of Technology: job to be done, impact mapping.
  • 3. Design thinking: principles and examples
  • 4. Design thinking: practical exercise.
  • 5. Agile methodologies: principles
  • 6. Group assingment: Problem presentation / Technology hype cycle, Technology adoption life cycle.
  • 7. Emerging technologies: Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics.
  • 8. Emerging technologies: Internet of Things
  • 9. Emerging technologies: Blockchain
  • 10. Emerging technologies: Artificial Inteligence
  • 11. Emerging technologies: Hyperautomation
  • 12. Emerging technologies: Multiexperience
  • 13. Technology and stakeholder management
  • 14. The ethics of Technology
  • 15. Group assigment: Final presentation


AM Professor

Álvaro Merello Bayo