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Nebrija and Spanish grammar

Nebrija and Spanish grammar Nebrija and Spanish grammar
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesNebrija and Spanish grammar

Are you sure you know Spanish well? Allow yourself to be surprised by what you still don't know about the language...

This course focuses on the study of the appropriate use of the Castilian language and its normative aspects. We can find errors of accentuation, punctuation and even spelling, but are we able to detect grammar and lexical improprieties? To our surprise, they are present in many media: radio, television, newspapers, textbooks, etc. On numerous occasions, they cause misunderstandings, double meanings and ambiguities; surely this has happened to you more than once.

During the course, we will address curious elements of the Spanish language that we had never considered and, in a practical way, we will learn from our own -and probably frequent- mistakes in order to communicate effectively. We will leave aside the classic and tedious morphosyntactic analysis and word formation in order to address the language from a more communicative point of view. The main objective is to achieve adequate levels of expression in the different contexts in which we interact.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Know the aspects that make up the norms of Spanish that allow one to reach a level of responsible, adequate and appropriate expression for different contexts.
  • 2. Be able to detect spelling, accentuation, punctuation, vocabulary and grammar errors in order to consciously avoid them.
  • 3. Know and recognize the different communicative registers used in the society of which we are a part.
  • 4. Acquire sufficient autonomy to find reliable sources that provide information on the doubts of the use of the Spanish language.
  • 5. Know in depth the arbitrariness of certain rules of the language, as well as the changing nature of Spanish.

Contents of the Subject

Nebrija and Spanish grammar

  • 1. Uppercase, lowercase and accents
  • 2. Punctuation
  • 3. Spelling
  • 4. The verb "haber" and the pronoun "se"
  • 5. Incorrect use of adverbs, double participles and use of the infinitive instead of the imperative
  • 6. Gerund abuse and correct use of verbal periphrasis
  • 7. Noun + a + infinitive and gender split
  • 8. Leísmo, laísmo, loísmo and correspondence
  • 9. Lexical poverty
  • 10. Lexical placements and redundancy
  • 11. Ambiguity
  • 12. Etymology
  • 13. Diastratic and diaphatic varieties
  • 14. End of course and closing activity


Arturo Márquez Miranda

Arturo Márquez Miranda

Professor of the subject Nebrija and Spanish grammar