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Strategy, Security and Defense

Strategy, Security and Defense Strategy, Security and Defense
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesStrategy, Security and Defense

For those who want to better understand the world in which they live.

In order to understand the current situation, we must delve into the conceptual framework of Strategy, Security and Defense, starting with the classical thinkers, from Sun Tzu to Carl Von Clausewitz passing through Machiavelli. The work of these authors and that of other Spanish military thinkers is key to understanding the invariable nature of war, despite the continuous evolution of its character.

From a critical point of view, we must ask ourselves what are the causes and aspects of conflicts. Reflecting on this, we will be able to understand the positions and points of view of the different states or belligerent actors. Analyzing the most current conflicts will help us to better understand the global strategic panorama and analyze all its richness and complexity, after which we can study possible solutions.

Spain enjoys a key strategic position in world geography. A bicontinental, Mediterranean and also Atlantic country that, like the most relevant countries in the world, has designed a complete National Security Strategy. This security strategy is key to understanding the threats and challenges that Spain, as a NATO and European Union country, must to respond to. The Spanish Armed Forces play a key role in the Security and Defense of Spain, in addition to carrying out numerous commitments with our allies and friendly countries. In this sense, it is necessary to know how the Armed Forces are organized and how their operational use is designed.

After studying this subject, you will never see the world as you saw it before.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand, distinguish and contextualize the most relevant concepts related to Strategy, Security and Defense.
  • Analyze the global strategic context
  • Identify the essential elements of Security and Defense in Spain.

Contents of the Subject

Strategy, Security and Defense

  • 1. Presentation of the course
  • 2. Strategy, Security and Defense I
  • 3. Strategy, Security and Defense II
  • 4. Debate on Strategy, Security and Defense
  • 5. World Strategic Outlook I
  • 6. Debate on World Strategic Outlook I
  • 7. World Strategic Outlook II
  • 8. Debate on World Strategic Outlook II
  • 9. National Security and Defense in Spain I
  • 10. National Security and Defense in Spain II
  • 11. Debate on National Security and Defense in Spain
  • 12. Organization of the Spanish Armed Forces
  • 13. Skills of the Spanish Armed Forces
  • 14. Debate on the Spanish Armed Forces
  • 15. Closing of the course


Evaristo Jaime Gutiérrez Evaristo Jaime Gutiérrez del Castillo

Colonel of the Marine Infantry

Ederson Sasso Ederson Sasso da Silva

Army Lieutenant Colonel (Brazil)