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Interdisciplinary Learning Courses

Theater improvisation

Improvisación teatral Improvisación teatral
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesTheater improvisation

Soft skills: Theatrical techniques for leadership

The most important qualities that an actor and a leader need to develop are communication and improvisation.
Improvisation is a means to develop leadership skills allowing one to react to the adversities that are common in the business environment.
Theatrical techniques through improvisation are very useful

it comes to acquiring confidence, as they cultivate self-assurance, intuition, persuasion, listening and communication. It also develops imagination and creativity, which frees the mind and gives rise to innovation. Improvisation also provides flexibility and adaptability, which are necessary and highly valued aspects in any team leader.

Learning objectives

  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Listen and accept your proposals and those of others.
  • Propose things by overcoming fear of failure.
  • Share a creation process with others.
  • Think faster.

Sessions of the Subject

Theater improvisation

  • 1. Say yes
  • 2. Do not prepare
  • 3. Start from anywhere
  • 4. Be specific
  • 5. Less is more
  • 6. Pay attention
  • 7. Value silence
  • 8. Face the facts
  • 9. Keep the course
  • 10. Wake up to gifts
  • 11. Please make mistakes
  • 12. Act now
  • 13. Enjoy the trip
  • 14. Give improvised inspiration