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Wearables. Textiles and new technologies

Wearables. Textiles and new technologies  Wearables. Textiles and new technologies
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Interdisciplinary Learning CoursesWearables. Textiles and new technologies

Our body, the last interface: the correlation between art, science and fashion

IThe future of art and fashion is in allying themselves with science. 3D printers, smart fibers, interactive clothing... these are some of the technological innovations that architecture, art and fashion are currently exploring.

In these lectures, the protagonists are ultra-fine and ultra-sensitive materials and garments that behave like technological skins. We will review some outstanding examples such as the proposals of Behnez Farahi, Caress the Gaze and the Chinese designer Yin Gao and her line Incertitudes (Uncertainties).

Learning Objectives

  • Development of the ability for analysis and recognition of the new challenges of society in art, science and technology.
  • Development of the ability to establish relationships between different disciplines.
  • Stimulating interdisciplinarity and transversality of knowledge.
  • Education of the gaze, ability to appreciate qualitative issues approaching the most physical and material aspects.
  • First contact with the creative processes of artistic production and technological experimentation.

Contents of the Subject

Wearables. Textiles and new technologies

  • 1. The body, the skin, the interface.
  • 2. Textiles, senses and society.
  • 3. Synergies between artists, designers, architects and scientists.
  • 4. Looking at the future of fashion: technological fabrics.
  • 5. Societal needs: user experience.
  • 6. Wearables 1: Pauline van Dongen. Solar Dress.
  • 7. Wearables 2: Anouk Wipprecht, Spider Dress.
  • 8. Wearables 3: Ying Gao.
  • 9. Wearables 4: Iris van Herpen.
  • 10. Fashion and business: Coded-Couture. Google + HM.
  • 11. Wearables in Europe and Spain.
  • 12. Sustainability and technology in textiles.
  • 13. Technoart, science and engineering.
  • 14. Challenges of the future.


Elisabeth Lorenzi Professor of Wearables. Textiles and new technologies

Elisabeth Lorenzi

PhD cum laude in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid; Professor accredited by ANECA; DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Contemporary Art History and Associate's Degree in Painting Restoration from the Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro of Florence. For five years, she has directed the Master's Degree in Art Market and Related Business Management and the Course on Expert-Appraiser in Works of Art. In addition to being a professor of said master's degree, she is a visiting professor in the Master's Degree in Ephemeral Architecture at ETSAM and in the Master's Degree in Communication for Fashion and Beauty Vogue-Carlos III University of Madrid. Angoso has received awards (Innovation in research, Case Western Reserve University, 2013), scholarships (Socrates-Erasmus Mobility, Institut Supérieur de Gestion, Paris, 2010), has coordinated exhibitions (Hormigón Armado, Ministry of Public Works, 2010), and she is the co-author of publications (Técnicas Artísticas, Akal/Thyssen Museum, 2005). She has experience in the field of the art market as director at the Elba Benítez Gallery and as a cataloger at Fernando Durán Subastas.