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Transversal Subjects

Finance for non-financial people

Finance for non-financial people Finance for non-financial people
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Transversal Subjects Finance for non-financial people

What do you do with your money? Do you spend it, save it, invest it? Learn to improve your life through economics

Knowledge of the economic-financial culture contributes to increasing your savings levels, your planning and your quality of life.
It is true that, as in any other discipline of knowledge, economics is made up of various areas of specialization, each of which incorporates its own, sometimes complex, concepts and techniques. Even recognizing this fact, we must demystify economics and its different branches, because its basic and essential concepts can be presented and analyzed so that they are accessible and appealing to all.

Learning Goals

  • Understand the functioning of economics, in its macro and micro aspects.
  • Understand the impact of economics on everyday life.
  • Familiarize yourself with economic, financial, labor and fiscal terminology.
  • Recognize the main elements of accounting and analysis of balance sheets and income statement.
  • Learn the basic pillars of financial calculations.
  • Achieve greater knowledge about managing our money, which will enable us to make better financial decisions and enjoy a better quality of life in the future.

Subject Contents

Finance for non-financial people

  • Module 1: Introduction to Economics
  • Module 2: Financial Markets and Financing
  • Module 3: Introduction to Accounting
  • Module 4: Tax and Labor


Ángel Román Escamilla Corral Professor of Finance for non-financial people

Ángel Román Escamilla Corral