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Transversal Subjects

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

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Transversal Subjects Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Basic notions and tools for every budding entrepreneur

In this subject, the objective is for you to understand whether you want to undertake new business projects or not. To do this, we will simulate that you create your first company, and through several renowned businessmen we will give you tips and advice for each stage of the journey, and will have an entrepreneurship court before real businessmen, to whom you can sell your idea.

Learning Goals

  • You will learn about taxes, how to make a business case, creative tools, important life experience and contacts from the business world.

Subject Contents

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

  • Module 1: Introduction and Expectations
  • Module 2: Elevator Pitch
  • Module 3: Basic taxes in Spain
  • Module 4: Big idea
  • Module 6: Editing and Marketing Tools
  • Module 7: Social Networks and Social Ads
  • Module 8: Marketing Plan
  • Module 9: Funding Sources
  • Module 10: Success story 1: from civil servant to entrepreneur
  • Module 11: Success Story 2: Personal Branding
  • Module 12: Success Story 3: International


Diego MG Aduriz Professor of Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Diego MG Aduriz