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Transversal Subjects

Introduction to Artistic Expression (Drawing and Painting)

Introduction to Artistic Expression (Drawing and Painting) Introduction to Artistic Expression (Drawing and Painting)
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Transversal Subjects Introduction to Artistic Expression (Drawing and Painting)

Art education is essential for the construction of a creative mind of the 21st century

Creativity is one of the most important skills to face the challenges of the contemporary world. It allows us to visualize possible solutions to today's issues, and gives us a still-unknown framework to explore.

In this subject, we will create an active learning environment where academic and creative growth is encouraged through group practice.

We will develop technical and perceptive skills using the fundamental elements of drawing in order to create images and capture ideas and perhaps, during this process, we will discover new passions and other affections.

I started studying mathematics in the U.S. I think that my studies in this discipline greatly contributed when it came to embarking on my degree in Fine Arts years later. With this, I want to highlight the importance of a transversal or interdisciplinary educational experience, which offers us the opportunity to acquire creative and analytical skills to solve situations and problems outside our comfort zone. We often only see what we want to see, but by exploring other ways of doing things, we can open our horizons to engage with the world in original and fresh ways. In this way, drawing from life can help us see what we really have in front of us, and not what we think we see. Goethe said "What I have not drawn I have not seen", that is, you have to question everything and learn by doing through observation and analysis.

Learning Goals

  • Adapt to new media and situations in relation to artistic learning.
  • Identify, analyze, interpret and summarize the different natures that we will discover during the course.
  • Use the materials and techniques offered by drawing from life.
  • Be interested in the context through drawing.
  • Reflect analytically and critically on our surroundings.

Subject Contents

Introduction to Artistic Expression (Drawing and Painting)

  • Module 1: Presentation and structure of the subject
  • Module 2: Experimental Drawing
  • Module 3: Drawing landscapes
  • Module 4: Study Drawing
  • Module 5: The portrait
  • Module 6: Drawing of the human body
  • Module 7: Creating a portfolio
  • Module 8: Final Project


Edward Jobst Andrews Gerda Profesor of Introduction to Artistic Expression (Drawing and Painting)

Edward Jobst Andrews Gerda