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About us

Nebrija Business School has over 20 years of experience in business education. It is integrated into Nebrija University, a private, independent and plural institution.

In a global, uncertain and complex market, the future executive, the manager and the entrepreneur have the need to develop their personal and professional skills in order to respond to the new paradigm faced by companies and institutions. A new leadership defined by the ability to manage uncertainty and change, empower and develop people's talent, innovate business models and identify opportunities. A new leadership defined by the ethics and sustainability of his/her proposals and solutions.

To this end, our programs combine the participation of leaders in innovation and business change with personalized coaching for each student, aimed at direct attention to all professional development opportunities. The direct and personalized treatment we provide students makes them feel accompanied throughout the learning process.

Along with the knowledge and skills we also provide a humanistic and international approach, supported by the social responsibility of the company. We promote the entrepreneurial spirit in a way that allows our students to create value and innovation, both individually and as part of a company.

Our degrees are officially recognized by all member countries of the European Higher Education Area, which includes over 40 member countries. Our intense relationship with the business world has allowed us to sign over 2,500 agreements with the most important companies in the main economic sectors. Among them are all the companies of the IBEX35.