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Nebrija University will guarantee its teaching service

Dear students,

As you know, the Community of Madrid has determined to suspend teaching activities in the class-attendance modality for universities and other educational centers starting tomorrow, March 11, with the aim of avoiding possible contagions of COVID-19 coronavirus. This measure has been announced with an initial duration of 15 days.

In order to ensure the safety of our community, as well as the students' right to lessons, Nebrija has implemented a contingency plan. The plan foresees the replacement of the in-person classes with online classes, with the same schedules as the in-person classes. We will maintain the usual teaching activity in our institutionStarting tomorrow, classes will be taught online through the Virtual Campus. Here is a tutorial on how to access video conferences, and another to familiarize yourself with the virtual environment if you don't know it already. It is very easy. Your professors will give you all the necessary instructions to follow the program.

Students who are already studying in the online modality at Nebrija will be able to continue their normal academic program.

If you are thinking of studying at Nebrija, you should know that the University is absolutely committed to achieving the academic objectives of its students, and therefore will put the necessary means to help them achieve them in each case.

All in-person activities, including exams, are postponed until the situation returns to normal.

Nebrija University as a whole is fully committed to ensuring that the coronavirus crisis does not harm the academic life of our students.

We thank everyone's collaboration in advance in a completely exceptional situation that is out of everyone's hands.

We will keep you informed.

Juan Cayón

Coronavirus Information