Diploma of Professional Capacity in English
The best English to work in English

In 2002, the European Council asked member states to adopt measures for learning foreign languages because "it increases general cognitive and metacognitive capacity, improves knowledge of the mother tongue and reading and writing skills and develops the general communication faculties".

With this objective, Nebrija University puts within reach of the students the Diploma in English Professional Communication, which is designed so that all the students of the university reach a C1 level in English, the minimum level of competence required by Nebrija University for all its future graduates.

The Diploma in English Professional Communication is the culmination of a language learning process in order to work in English. All undergraduate students of Nebrija University acquire this ability to work in English before finishing their studies. It is an academic certification of their ability to work in English in all the usual professional contexts. It corresponds to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which will be recorded in the student's Academic Record and in the European Diploma Supplement.

This Diploma is compulsory and will guarantee Nebrija students their English proficiency, facilitating, in the future, their integration and professional mobility in any national and international environment.

Nebrija University, which is committed to languages and quality, provides the student with added value with the Diploma in English Professional Communication, which will allow him/her to achieve with confidence the competence demanded to successfully join the labor market.