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Study AbroadHow does an Exchange work?

Nebrija University has exchange agreements with universities around the world. The partner universities are European (through the Erasmus+ framework), generally within the Erasmus+ program, or outside of Europe (North America, South America, Asia and Australia), through bilateral agreements.

In any case, an exchange agreement deals with sending students to another university to attend for one or two semesters, as well as receiving the same number of students from that university. In both universities the credits obtained by their students are allocated.

Students who choose exchange places in partner universities are still enrolled in their university of origin (therefore they continue to pay tuition and fees for that university), but they can take courses at the host university at no additional tuition cost (as long as the credit load does not exceed the standards of the host university).

Given the relationship between Nebrija University and its associated universities, the nominations of potential exchange students at an institutional level (at Nebrija University, through the International Mobility Office) are processed. Once the candidates have the acceptance of the host university, the students are responsible for managing their enrollment at the host university, accommodation, any corresponding visa and valid medical insurance in the country in which they will reside.

The student will also work with the corresponding Academic Department to carry out the pre-selection of subjects that will be taken at the host university. The Learning Agreement, written by both parties, serves as a contract between the university of origin and the student.

Depending on the Learning Agreement, the student will know what subjects will be recognized upon his/her return and if passed, will be part of their academic record in Nebrija.

The exchange of students plays an essential role in the internationalization of Nebrija University and its collaborators. The Department of International Programs exists in order to promote this type of mobility and other internationalization initiatives.

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