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Imagine: You have been accepted to the host university you wanted! And now that? Do not forget some very important things for your stay abroad:

Before you leave

  • Learning Agreement: Choose your subjects with the help of your Coordinator and complete and sign the corresponding models of the Learning Agreement.
  • Accommodation: Check the accommodation options with your host university.
  • Medical Insurance: Make sure you have health insurance that covers you abroad.
    • If you are an Erasmus+ student, you can apply for the European Health Card to have medical coverage in the countries of the European Union.
    • If you are not an Erasmus+ student, the host universities usually provide information about your health insurance options.
  • Visa/Passport: Check that you have the appropriate visa to enter and stay in the country of destination as an exchange student and that your passport and ID are valid. Some countries require that your passport be valid several months beyond the final date of the exchange; get informed at the corresponding consulate/embassy.
  • Enrollment: Renew the enrollment in Nebrija University. Registration fees must be paid before July 1. Also, do not forget to do the online self-registration, selecting "TOTAL PROGRAMA INTERNACIONAL" (you do not need to enter the subjects to be studied) If you have any questions, contact the “Centro de Atención al Estudiante” (ATE) by creating a ticket from the student portal.
  • Erasmus+: If you are an Erasmus + student, do not forget to manage your assistance.

At the destination

  • Write an email or call your parents: They will thank you!
  • Arrival Certificate: Introduce yourself at the international office of your host university. Ask them to sign and seal the Certificate of Arrival and send the original to Nebrija's Internacional Mobility Office .
  • Learning Agreement: If you have to make changes to the previously approved subjects, contact your International Coordinator by mail to request their approval of the changes in writing. In addition, once you are officially enrolled in all your subjects, you must record any change in the corresponding section of the Learning Agreement. Do not forget to get all the corresponding signatures!
    Remember that regarding subjects and recognition of credits, your contact in Nebrija is the International Coordinator of your Academic Department.
  • Contact information: Inform Nebrija's International Programs Department of your contact information.
  • Any questions?: If you have any problems, first contact the international office of your host university. If necessary, also notify Nebrija's Internacional Mobility Office , as well as the International Coordinator of your school.
  • Certificate of Exit: Go to the international office of your host university. Ask them to sign and seal the Certificate of Attendance and send the original of Nebrija's International Programs Department.
  • Pending payments: Do not forget to make any outstanding payment at the host university (not tuition, but accommodation, textbooks, orientation fees, etc.) before returning to Spain. If you have outstanding payments, the university may retain your academic report, which would delay the allocation of credits completed abroad.
  • Academic transcript of records of the host university: As a general rule, the host university will send your transcript directly to the International Mobility Office. However, sometimes it is necessary to formally request the academic record of your stay abroad. Ask at the international office of the host university if there is any special procedure to send your file from there to the International Mobility Office once it is available. The International Mobility office will receive your grades, will keep a photocopy, and will deliver the original to Secretaría de Cursos to carry out the recognition of credits (together with the corresponding Academic Department).