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Study AbroadAcademic requirements

What do I have to do to study abroad?

1. Show us you are interested!

Attend informative meetings of the Department of International Programs (announced by the IMO and the Academic Departments) or request an appointment at the IMO for more information. Formally submit your online Participation Application, through the Student Portal, to receive news about the Program and request that your Academic Department authorize you to continue in the Program.

During the academic year prior to departure, there will also be several opportunities to participate in activities related to the current International Mobility Program and thus show your interest in a stay abroad.

2. Obtain authorization from the corresponding Academic Department

Once you submit your online Participation Application, your International Coordinator will study your academic situation to approve or deny your participation in the International Mobility Program.

The Academic Departments will study each case, taking into account the necessary conditions for international departure. Regarding this requirement: consult the International Coordinator of your Academic Department.

3. Have a good academic record.

Your academic record will be taken into account in the final evaluation of the International Mobility Program.

4. Have a good level in the language in which the classes will be taught at the host university.

Going on exchange to a non-Spanish-speaking country is not the opportunity to learn the language used in the host university. It is an opportunity to take subjects of your degree in that language! For this reason, students who request places in destinations where classes are not taught in Spanish must prove to have a certain linguistic level, according to the criteria of the Program and the possible host university.

For information on language requirements at each host university, consult the Department of International Programs.

5. Comply with the Procedures Calendar of the current International Mobility Program.

Check the Procedures Calendar

If you meet the requirements of the current International Mobility Program, we will nominate you as an exchange student to an associate university and we will continue with your candidacy.

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