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New students of Bachelor's DegreePre-enrollment

  • Early call admission period from March 1 to May 30.
  • Ordinary call admission period from June 1 to July 31.
  • Extraordinary call admission period from September 1 to September 30.


If the result of the Admission process is positive, and once you receive the communication and/or receive the official letter of admission, you can perform Pre-enrollment, which guarantees you a place at Nebrija University.

Admitted students will pay the price corresponding to the Reservation of a Place. Said payment will be made in any of the following ways: through a bank deposit or by bank transfer, to the current account of Nebrija University indicated below, stating in the concept the following information: "Reservation + student name".

    IBAN code: ES4300491803502610434151
    Branch office: Calle Serrano, nº 57, 28006, Madrid
    SWIFT code: BSCH ES MM

  • By card payment in the Admissions Department of any of the Nebrija University Campuses.

Secondly, you must send the document (bank receipt) to Nebrija University (Admissions Department) stating that you have paid for the reservation of a place. Nebrija University will confirm in writing the reservation of the corresponding degree.

You can send the receipt by e-mail to[email protected]

* NOTE: Nebrija University will only reimburse the amount of the reservation of the place and/or the registration fees to those candidates admitted conditionally who had made their place reservation, and who, in the end, had not passed the official requirements for admission to Spanish university. This reimbursement will be done in October, after convincing proof of this situation is provided by the candidate.