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New students of Postgraduate degreeAdmission Tests

Nebrija University has several calls for admission tests. These tests can be taken from Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon shift, or in specific calls on Saturday mornings.

Our university degree advisors will inform you of the different options you have so that you can take it according to your availability and that of your relatives.

The Admission Tests of Nebrija University have the following phases:

  • Language level test (depending of the Master’s degree program).
  • Specific Program test: test designed to know your level of qualification, preparation and interest to face the degree of interest (According to the Master's degree program).
  • Personal interview: With the results obtained in the tests described above, you will have a personal interview with the Director of the Master's degree in which these results will be evaluated (depending on the Master's degree program).

Admission tests are taken in person. The online option can only be taken if the candidate does not have the possibility of traveling to Madrid, or any of the provinces where Nebrija holds admission tests.

Online Admission Testing is done through a platform, which is accessed with keys that are provided to the candidate previously. These tests will be active 48 hours after the keys have been provided, and can only be taken once, by accrediting the personal identification by webcam.

After having successfully passed the various admission tests, you will receive the admission letter from Nebrija University, which will have a conditional character of fulfilling the legal requirements of access in the case that they have not yet been fulfilled.

All the tests and candidates' records will be evaluated and assessed by the Degree Admissions Committee, which considers the criteria reflected in the Internal Regulations that control access to the University.

Our advisors will indicate the documentation to be submitted during this step. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

In this way, we establish the starting point of your future education with us.

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