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New Students Validation, adaptation and recognition of credits

At Nebrija University, we recognize the effort and time you have spent in your previous studies.

Therefore, if you have decided to change schools to continue your education at Nebrija University and you think you have studies that can be validated, our academic advisers will guide you with a personalized validation plan and without commitment:

  1. If you are studying a university degree in another center.
  2. If you have completed a higher-degree education cycle.
  3. If you have completed a university degree and want to continue your education.
  4. If you have professional experience and want to apply for a university degree.

Minimum documentation required:

  1. Complete admission application.
  2. Academic transcript and syllabuses of the approved subjects of the degree you are studying.
  3. CV or employment history (if applicable).
  4. Any official document that may be used (Master's degrees, university's own degrees ...)
  5. In some cases, the academic advisor will be able to request complete programs of each subject.
  6. We will respond with your personalized study in approximately a week.

    The request for validation, adaptation or recognition of previous studies is a fast, free and non-commitment process, which may be processed via email or in person at any of our Campuses.

    In the degrees, the credits corresponding to the final degree and master's degree projects cannot be validated. See Royal Decree 861/2010

    Send us all the documentation that we have indicated to the following address: [email protected]

    For any questions, please contact us at 900 321 322